We are committed to discovering and developing materials to replace wood. These days, it is rare And the price is rising Another benefit of wood is not durable. And conditions that should be applied to the sash. Since they do not tolerate extreme weather And the insects that eat wood for food. Of limitations had plenty of wood. It is the driving force for our commitment to research. To invent new materials Better qualified in all aspects of the trees, which developed as a source of innovation and UPVC synthesized to be used as raw material in the production casing. With the application for replacement is not perfect. To fit your usage. And consumer behavior for most items. The raw material can be classified according to two categories: Synthetc Wooden Door Frame and UPVC Door Frame.

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Synthetc Wooden Door Frame (Frame 2 x 4; Frame 2 x 5)

WPC Door Frame Adjust Solid

WPC Door Frame Hollow Adjust

UPVC Door Frame (Frame 2 x 4)

UPVC Door Frame (Frame Adjusted 5.5 for Pruksa)

UPVC Door Frame (Frame Adjusted 7)

UPVC Door Frame (Frame Adjusted 9.5)