Shaft Set - Standard Series

The series charts the finished version of the standard. Designed to meet the needs of. Sharp uses the building for the Condominium. Electricity is available for the sharp features and options. Highlight the following.
     - sharp suit is not very large, too, because uPVC doors with a thickness of 2.5 cm.
     - The frame is made from uPVC material that measures 2 x 3 is compact. For pieces that are designed to be small, not too big.
     - uPVC jamb liner is equipped with hinges and Engineer key making and installation of drip time.
     - Made of moisture and insect control is to be used as the Sharpe series. The door frame and plywood is commonly used in the market.
     - The design is beautiful, and watching a good material. Eligible to use. And do more colors It is a model that has dominated. The economical price And could replace the wood as well.

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Shaft Set - Premium Series

The design of the Sharpe series packages Suitable for the work to be durable as it is because of a series of sharp, large or outdoor use. Even want to take a rigid frame for wood or want to hide the hinges. Or there needs to be painted. Sharp premium channel packages available. It is an ideal choice for applications with needs, according to the above limitations due to the superior quality that is up to international standards.
     - Frame, wooden Acrylic 2 x 4
     - Sharp and entreated the door with a thickness of 3.5 cm.
     - Select the hinges concealed hinges. The weight can be as large as a house with a door
     - The sub-frame mounting bolts and screws, making it easy to install the Sharpe series
     - Made of a durable, moisture and termite throughout the lifespan.

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